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REVIEW: Security challenges in a globalised world — is New Zealand prepared for them? 

Line of Defence, Autumn 2017

New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues. Detail from cover.New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues. Detail from cover.


Book: New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues

Authors: various 

Publisher: Massey University Press 

304 pages.  Released 10/04/2017.


New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues situates New Zealand within its broader political and regional security context and the various great and minor power tensions occurring within the Asia Pacific and South Pacific regions.

The soon-to-be released book looks at how to protect New Zealand’s border and the zones where its interests meet the world; it examines alternative ways of thinking and doing New Zealand’s national security; and it looks at looming national security questions. It aims to provide New Zealanders with a critical awareness of the various salient security trends, challenges and opportunities to initiate a ‘whole of society’ discussion of security.

The book is edited by William Hoverd, Nick Nelson and Carl Bradley, experienced Massey University defence and security academics who teach into the NZDF Advanced Command and Staff College and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Command and Staff College.

They put forward the argument that in an interrelated and increasingly complex, dynamic and globalised security environment, New Zealand faces a range of complex and multifaceted non-traditional threats. These range from trade insecurity to terrorism and transnational crime, disputes over the control and exploitation of resources, and tensions linked to ideological, cultural and religious differences.


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The volume’s contributors include local and international academics alongside experts who have extensive New Zealand security-sector expertise in defence, diplomacy, national security coordination, intelligence, policing, trade security and border management.

Many of the book’s chapters integrate defence questions into a broader discussion of National Security. Authors include several former and current NZDF employees.

Key chapters for readers interested in defence issues include Brian Oliver and John Moremon’s chapter on Air Surveillance Capability and the Security of the Exclusive Economic Zone, and Miriam Wharton and Rhys Ball’s chapter on New Zealand Special Operations Forces: Subtle and Strategic Effect in the Whole-of-Government Approach to New Zealand’s National Security.

Lastly, for those interested in a whole of government discussion of national security the reprinting of Howard Broad’s Keynote Address to the New Zealand National Security Conference is unmissable for those interested in the New Zealand Government enacts security.


This insight was authored by William Hoverd, an editor of New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues. Dr Hoverd is senior lecturer at Massey University’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies. His research interests include critical research into New Zealand security issues and religious diversity.


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